Monday, June 8, 2009

WW update

Several have asked, so I wanted to update real quickly. I am still doing Weight Watchers and it is going really well. This picture was taken last week (that's my best friend Peggy with me). SR says that shirt doesn't do me justice since it was so big. But it does describe how I'm feeling to a "T"!

WW's new program, Momentum, is the best program (or updated version of their program) that I have seen so far. I absolutely love it! There is a real focus on the healthy guidelines and on eating foods that are considered "simply filling". I have redefined what I want out of the program and am completely focused on getting HEALTHY and am considering the weight loss that is coming with it an added bonus. We are walking/running 3 miles a day and I have joined the gym and already been more times in two weeks than I went the entire year I had my membership in 2003. :-) I was so nervous to join water aerobics last week that I thought I might puke before I got there- but it was SO much fun and I loved it! It is on my calendar for the rest of the summer already!

I am dropping sizes like crazy and it won't be long (like probably this weekend) and I won't have to be in the plus sizes anymore. Yeah! I am sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night and I feel absolutely fabulous. So, for those who are curious as to the numbers...I am down to 85 pounds to lose! Never thought that would sound so manageable but considering how far I had to go when I started, this seems easier every day.

Between myself and Troy, we are over 40 pounds lighter as a couple. Isn't that crazy?! He looks like a different person already. I am trying not to be too jealous that people can notice so much more easily on him than they can on me. This has brought us so much closer as a couple and I am so grateful for that and for his improved health. He has serious issues with his lungs due to complications from a near-fatal bout of pneumonia two years ago and getting exercise and losing weight is very important for his health. Since I need him to stick around for a while (I need all the funny blog posts he provides...just kidding) I will deal with all the attention going his turn will come. :-)

I am still sticking with my contract with myself and have made even more positive changes. My good friend, Ceci, told me several months ago that when she stopped working so much and started focusing on her health and dedicating time to HER, everything else fell into place and she was happier than she could remember being in a long, long time. I was SO jealous at the moment she told me that and I felt so overwhelmed. How could I make that same commitment? How did I take that first step? How could I stop working so much? It didn't seem possible at all. But that premise stuck in the back of my mind and when my vacation came around in April, I decided she was really on to something and that if I wanted it badly enough then I was the ONLY person who could make it happen. The rest, as they say, is history. Now I am "UNSTOPPABLE"! :-) Thank you Ceci! I love you girl!