Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My blog has forsaken me.

I came today to post a new blog entry because I am taking a few day hiatus from Facebook. I get here to cute little blog is an eyesore with a big ugly screen in the middle of it that says "Photo/Video not found- has been removed or deleted". I guess I need to go find another new template but in the meantime, I just deleted HTML and went with the basics. Otherwise, I would end up with another really super duper cute blog .....and no new post.

For those who follow on Facebook, it won't come as any surprise that my surgery date has come and gone and I am well into the final stages of recovery. Physical recovery at least. :-) I'm going back to work part time next week and then full time the week after. Please pray for me that I can get through it with enough energy and as little stress as possible! It's going to be difficult- but I know I can do it.

I just wanted to drop by and say HOWDY since I hadn't posted yet again in many moons. I thought about challenging myself to a post a day or a post a week committment- but I decided I probably better stick with trying to heal, recover, get back to work successfully after being gone almost ALL year long, and not lose my mind before I start making any other types of committments and biting off more than I can chew.....this is progress for me. Yay!

I'll be back and post either later this month or in the month of October, I know I want to blog about our State Fair experience this year....Fried Margarita anyone?

Much Love,

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  1. hey! just saw you updated your blog...i'm a little behind the times. :)